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Buyers Guide curated by Cush Real Estate by Design

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    Step 1 // Deciding to Buy

    • Why Do You Want To Buy
    • Has Your Income Grown?

    Step 2 // Preparing to Buy

    • Build Your Green File
    • Check Your Credit Rating
    • Be Mindful With Your Finances

    Step 3 // Choose a Real Estate Agent

    • Look for a full-time agent
    • Interview a few agents
    • Ask how much time the agent will have for you
    • Ask about their credentials and education
    • Time is money when attempting to buy a property
    • Ask for a list of properties they have sold or a list of references
    • Choose an agent who listens attentively

    Step 4 // Time to Go Shopping

    • Take a Drive
    • Narrow Your Search
    • Time to Buy

    Step 5 // Escrow Inspections and Appraisals

    The Process, Step-by-Step:

    • The Initial Agreement & Deposit
    • The Closing Agent
    • How to Hold Title
    • Inspections
    • Appraisals and Lending
    • Association Approval
    • Property Insurance

    Step 6 // Close of Escrow

    • Closing Day
    • Final Walk-Through Inspection
    • Home Services and Utilities
    • Be Prepared
    • Closing


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      Buyers Guide

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